Snowshark Introduces a Back Country Split Monoski!

We've taken the time and spent the money to develop this product and it's not an existing model that we've run through a table saw! It's an all new design with many quality features so take a look at the details!

1- Fully engineered polymer composite and steel inner edges. These have been included in the ski when it's manufactured and are not an "add on".

2- Hardware attach points (with factory supplied hardware package) are designed and engineered to take the loads expected in back country use.

3- We established early in our development that some split snowboard hardware would work very well while others were simply unacceptable for a number of reasons so we bought what we were comfortable with and designed and manufactured the rest. For example the main cross linkages are custom machined aerospace grade aluminum that is match drilled for alignment after installation to give a perfect match for the two bases. For strength, durability and weight, the cross connection pins are titanium! Not going to find that on any other split and, yes, it really is titanium.


4- We've added a machined aluminum nose piece for more impact protection.

5- Recommended bindings are the incredible Marker Duke Back Country Bindings.


You guys asked for it, now you've got it! A real, properly designed and properly built split monoski.

Only from Snowshark!

April 7, 2009 - we shipped a production version for Lee Dube to put it through the paces at Points North Heli in Cordova, Alaska.


Complete with custom hardware package (bindings not included)


Yes, it's expensive and a lot more than a regular monoski but there's a lot more work and parts that go into it as well and the custom machined parts are exactly that, "Custom".

Bindings- Marker Duke Back Country are incredible and will give you the performance for either split or joined configurations. Don't take my word for it…… go to and have a look yourself!


Marker suggested retail is $495.00 and with a Snowshark they are reduced to $395.00 including mounting.

Graphics (Top)- We'll have two options. The first will be a standard that we'll introduce shortly and the other will be what ever graphic you want for an additional $99.00 from your acceptable digital design file.